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DJ Wade


DJ Wade is quickly becoming the number one DJ for weddings, events, and clubs in the Charleston area. Wade's talent and versatility is only surpassed by his enthusiasm for his craft. His world champion drumming and knowledge of music comes through in each and every performance as he mixes and remixes effortlessly. DJ Wade apprenticed under DJ Bryan Mahanes.


"DJ Wade was AWEEEESOME at the Cotton Dock wedding this weekend!!! He was one of the nicest DJs we have worked with in a long time... genuinely nice!

He did a great job guaging the crowd and kept them dancing the night away in the heat!!! That's a hard thing to do when you are dealing with an outdoor event in the middle of July! He didn't even complain once that he was hot and he kept making music with a smile on his face the whole time; that is true passion!

Thank you Wade, you are the best!!!"

- Christine and Carri (Planners with Mac & B. Events, July 26, 2014)

"I just wanted to reach out and thank you for everything yesterday! The wedding went great and I think Allie and Eric were very pleased! The music was wonderful… I wish I could have been on the dance floor instead of watching all the fun on the sidelines!
You were a pleasure to work with and I hope that we have the opportunity to work together again in the near future!"

- Ashlyn (Planner, April 6, 201)

"DJ Wade of Other Brother Entertainment is hands down the best DJ ever for any event, for any venue!!! He played at my wedding reception at the Jepson Center for the Arts in Savannah, GA. He plays music that suits everyone and will get every living soul up on their feet! He even had my 90 year old grandmother dancing!! He has a true passion for what he does and will not disappoint!! A true talent and gem of a DJ!! My guests LOVED him and truly made our wedding day!! The staff at Other Brother Entertainment is wonderful as well! Kristin, DJ Wade's coordinator, is fantastic and is always on top of her game! Their goal at OBE is to make their customers happy and they do just that!! I give DJ Wade and the OBE crew my highest regards and accolades!! Couldn't be more happier and wish I could have my wedding every weekend just to have DJ wade there!!"

- Anonymous

"DJ Wade was awesome!!..thanks so much."

- Marion (October 2012)

"Please thank Dj Wade for me… the guests and client was thrilled with his performance as well as his attitude. I for one am thrilled that he is always accommodating at the event. Until next time,, take care."

- Jean Fisk (Planner, September 22, 2012)

"DJ Wade was incredible at our wedding. He kept everyone dancing all night long and the music never stopped! He is one of a kind!"

- Bride (September 2012)

"Thank you so much for all of your work this weekend at the wedding. You did an awesome job! I'd highly recommend again. Thanks for being patient with all of the special requests/weird cd's to play, etc.... "

- Kathryn (Planner, April 28, 2012)


"Thank you so much!! You killed it on Saturday. The guests kept going on about how much fun the party was. Thank you for making Saturday unforgettable. Hit us up when you get to the city. "

- Canau (2011)


"DJ Wade is amazing, he has a special talent. With such ease he kept the guests at our son, Mike and Emily's wedding up and dancing all night. Everyone raved about DJ Wade,the music and the fabulous time they had "the best wedding in years". Thank you DJ Wade for helping us to make wonderful memories. "

- Mother of the Groom (October 10, 2011)


"DJ Wade was awesome! Everybody loved it. I haven't spoken to a single person who didn't have a great time and had nothing but great things to say. "

-Thomas (Groom, August 2011)


"DJ Wade was awesome! everyone has such a great time and I can't tell you how many times I heard..."this dj is awesome, where did you find him"? A friend even got more information from him for her wedding...we had such a great time and no one wanted to leave! THanks again so much! We will definitely reccomend Wade to all of our friends! "

- Meghan (Bride, August 2011)


"We would love to emphasize how much of a blast our guests and ourselves had during the wedding! DJ Wade is amazing, very personable, happy, imaginative, fun, implicated, flexible and helpful!....

...we are truely extremely lucky and happy to have worked with him! especially, given how much little time in advance ( or almost no time at all ) and information we have shared with him, and how amazingly well he understood the style and handled the music choice!...

...THANK YOU! he is a real STAR and we wish him all the best and hopefully one day we will be listening to his CD and "bragging" to the whole world we know him! "

- Irina and Marc (2011)


"Wade from OtherBrother Entertainment was the DJ for our April wedding at the Rice Mill Building. DJ Wade played the wedding for our Ceremony and Reception. At the reception, he did an amazing job of actually mixing the music (unlike most wedding DJ's I've seen who just queue up one song after another). He adjusted the music to the crowds' reactions, and kept guests on the dance floor all night, even subtley mixing out songs that weren't being well received instead of waiting 5 minutes for the song to end. Our guests raved about what an amazing job he did, I just can't say enough nice things about Wade and HIGHLY recommend him. "

- Another Happy Bride (2011)


"Even months later I still get streams of compliments saying it was one of the best DJs they've ever seen at a wedding. He read the crowd like a book, played the songs I wanted to hear, interpolated more from his own selection, and kept everyone on their feet for 4 HOURS of fierce dancing.  He deftly changed up the music as older guest left and younger ones loosened up, leaving us with compliments from young and old.  Further, he was completely set up in advance of the event, took the odd request for a speech or two, and made the most of every mic break.  If we were doing this again, we would not change a thing. Seeing as I know of no other DJs in Charleston that can pull off a transition from wedding reception sets to full blown electronic music sets, DJ Wade gives Otherbrother a sure differentiator.  "

- Zach (Groom, May 2011)


"Not very many people stand out in my mind, DJ Wade, however I truly was impressed with you."

- Kerrie Ferrell (Isle of Palms Recreation Director)


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